We've been working on building up a living document that helps folks working at the U of M connect with other programs on campus with similar objectives. The document has grown over the years, and is currently maintained by Marisa (Isa) Peczuh (peczu001) through her work with CORE. 

Check out all the amazing programs we have here.

Something this big and wide-reaching is always a little out-of-date somewhere -- if you see something that needs correcting or know of something that should be added, please do! And reach out to Isa to let her know you've made a change. This is as much about building a network of people who know each other and talk to each other as it is about keeping a list.

STEM + Youth = Awesome. There is a tangled web of great STEM engagement opportunities at the University of Minnesota, with hundreds of great people doing amazing work. So it's not really possible to have a comprehensive list of programs, even if we narrow the scope to the intersection of "STEM" and "youth". So, in addition to this list, it's a good idea also to spend a few minutes browsing the CSE, CBS, Swenson CSE (Duluth), and CFANS outreach websites as well as youthcentral.umn.edu to get a sense of what's already being done and who's doing it. 

And ... at the center there is CORE! If it weren't for CORE, we wouldn't have that awesome spreadsheet collecting in one place so much information about who's doing what around campus. When in doubt, get in touch with CORE.